Benefits of having two wedding photographers || Wedding Day Tips

Whether you have one photographer or two I promise I will be able to capture a complete wedding gallery that tells the story of your day. But if your budget allows you to afford a second wedding photographer I always encourage my couples to spend the money. There are many benefits to adding on a second photographer



            If you have events happening in different locations ( bride and groom getting ready at different hotels or venues) it’s beneficial to have another photographer meet the groom at their getting ready location. This is a great time for the photographer to capture details of the grooms attire, candid moments with his friends and family, and posed portraits before the first look or ceremony.


            A second perspective 

Since I can’t be in two places at once a second photographer is great at getting a different angle on your wedding day. It adds a lot of depth and dimension to your wedding gallery and they might catch a special moment from a different view.


           Candid Photos

Before a wedding day I always ask my second photographers to capture candids throughout the day. As the main photographer at your wedding I spend my time capturing the crucial and important moments at your wedding and my second photographer is another set of eyes that can get the in between moments.


            Help with large group photos

If you’re on a time crunch and you have a big bridal party or lots of family members you want photographed I always encourage a second photographer to help me wrangle the groups. While I am back capturing the photos the second photographer can help pose the group and gather family members that are missing from the photo.


If you have any questions I would love to chat about your big day. No two weddings are alike and I can help you decide if a second photographer is beneficial for your wedding day.

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