Emily & Adam || A Green Gardens Community Farm Wedding

Romance, simplicity, and passion were the focal points of Adam and Emily’s early summer wedding at Green Garden Farms in Battle Creek, MI. The day began in Green Garden’s beautifully renovated farm house, where the Bride and her close friends and family prepared for the day and ended with guests relaxing near the bonfire under a cloudless, star-filled sky. Truly adventurous souls, Adam and Emily met in the mountains of Vermont and share a passion for travel, these themes were ingrained into their special day. The ceremony was held overlooking the Farm’s vista site, with lush greenery and expansive fields surrounding the wedding arch. After the wedding ceremony, performed by the Groom’s father and other family members, Emily and Adam snuck away to a nearby nature preserve to take photos in the forest while their guest enjoyed an appetizer hour. The reception location was the airy, renovated greenhouse. The greenhouse boasted long, farmhouse tables with lush vines and greenery crawling up to the ceiling. Just outside the greenhouse, guests enjoyed lawn games and outdoor seating, lit by Edison lights in the large mulberry tree in front of the greenhouse. Decorations were simple and elegant, with olive branches draped on the tables with gold lanterns and soft gray fabric. An understated theme of bohemian chic meets world traveler can be found in the antique trunk card box and adventure inspired cake topper. The couple curated cheese and antipasto platters for the appetizer hour; dinner, made by Kim Bennett, included rustic Italian highlights and crowd favorites like white vegetable lasagna, garlic asparagus, and smoked brisket. As a sustainable and community-focused farm, Adam and Emily were especially interested in Green Gardens Farm to have a low impact, environmentally friendly wedding day.

As an experienced event planner, Emily realized her passion for wedding planning and coordinating as she planned her own special day. Emily helps others identify their visions for their events and create the weddings of their dreams. Learn more about Emily’s wedding coordinating services and get in touch with her by clicking here 

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