How to get your kids excited for a family photography session || Michigan Family Photographer

A reward after the session is over: Let your child know that after the session is over you guys are going to (play at the park, get ice cream, pick out a toy at the store etc). Sometimes if they have something to look forward to afterwards, whether it be for good behavior or just helping to get their siblings to smile, they will be SO excited.

Hype it up a week or a few days before the shoot: Tell them about all the fun they will have at the session and ask them if they have any cool ideas for poses they would like to do during the session. I love silly poses and cracking jokes to get the kids excited and happy.

Let them help pick the outfits: Once you’ve nailed down the color scheme or look for your session let your child help pick out what they would be comfortable wearing. If you include them in that process they might be more comfortable during the session and excited to show off what they got to pick out. Please make sure they are not too hot or too cold in their outfits. In my experience if they are hot or cold they will be upset and more than likely cry.

Bring their favorite toy or snack to enjoy during the session: Sometimes we need a break and that’s okay. If they are young and want to stop for a snack or milk break we totally will! Bring a favorite treat to enjoy during the shoot or maybe even a favorite toy they can cuddle with for some photos. I love including sentimental items for you and your children to look back on.

Make sure your child is healthy the day of the session: If your child is sick or not feeling under the weather I definitely recommend rescheduling. If they are not feeling their best it will reflect in the images. It’s best for us to reschedule to a day when they are feeling better. I do not charge a rescheduling fee if your child is sick.

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