What to wear for your family photography session || Michigan Family Photography Tips

What should we wear? This is the number one question I get asked as a family photographer. I decided to compile a list of my favorite stores and some outfit inspiration so I can make this as painless as possible when it comes to planning your family session.

1. Choose a location and decide what would look best in that spot. If you are planning a flower field at sunset choose flowy dresses and colorful tops. If it is a fall session at the cider mill take a look at warmer colors and flannel shirts.

2. Start with moms outfit and build off that. Typically mom is the one spearheading the session and it's important to feel comfortable and beautiful in what they choose.

3. Please do not all wear matching shirts and bottoms. We don't want your family session to look like you stepped into the Jcpenny photo studio circa 2001. I recommend picking a color scheme and build off that.

4. Let the kids get involved in picking their outfits. This will not only showcase their personalities but get them more excited for the photography session because they get to wear something they love.

5. Dress for the weather. If it is going to be cold, I recommend skipping the sandals and the spaghetti strap dresses and dress in layers. If you get hot you can always remove a jacket or scarf. Nothing is worse than being cold and and red during a shoot. Plus if the kids are dressed warm they are much happier. Also if it is going to be really warm maybe have dad skip the button down dress shirt and wear a polo or fitted t-shirt.

Things to avoid when you are choosing outfits:
OVERSIZED/TIGHT CLOTHING: Check that it fits prior to the session.

FORMALWEAR: Avoid outfits that are too formal for your setting. Leave the suit jackets at home.

BRIGHT WHITE: Sometimes white can really wash your skin tone out.

LOGOS: Logos or text on clothing is distracting.

STRAPLESS/SLEEVELESS TOPS: Unless you absolutely love your arms, avoid strapless or sleeveless tops. Sleeves are typically more flattering.

ATHLETIC POLO SHIRTS: They might be comfortable for the men but opt for a more timeless fabric choice.

ATHLETIC SHOES: White tennis shoes, athletic shoes, and character shoes should all be avoided. Leather shoes, casual sneakers , sandals, slide-on canvas shoes, and wedges are all great options.

BABY OUTFITS WITH DIAPERS PEEKING OUT: Avoid baby clothing that doesn’t completely cover those little Pampers.

TRANSITIONAL LENSES: If you typically wear glasses, wear them for your session. But if you have polarized or transitional lenses, consider taking them off. We would love to be able to see your eyes during your outdoor family session.

Here are a list of my favorite shops for family photos:
Abercombie & Fitch (You can shop for the whole family)
Lulus (Great for mom or teens)
H&M (You can shop for the whole family)
Old Navy (You can shop for the whole family)
Baltic Born (great for mom and bump friendly too)

Below is a Spring, Summer, and Fall outfit mood boards for the whole family. All of the outfits were found at the stores above.

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