You’ve been planning your wedding for months and are nervous when the day finally arrives. Of course you want everything to go smoothly. You may think that hiring a professional wedding photographer is an expense you can’t afford. But when the only wedding pictures you have are of unflattering, drunken antics, you’ll be glad you spent that extra money.

That person you want to photograph your wedding should be attending not working.

Your friend / relative should be there to see you get married and enjoy the day without looking at it on a cell phone screen. Which brings me to......

Smartphones are NOT as good as a professionals camera

Yeah sure they take great pictures of your lunch or dinner but don't let the "PRO" mode on your phones camera fool you. No smartphone will have the features or stability of a professional camera. Plus, photographers will take hundreds if not a thousand pictures of your wedding. Your "friend" will not take that many and its not because they are so good they don't have to, its because they literally cant take that many.

Your friend or relative has no idea what photographing a wedding actually requires.

Owning a camera does not equate to experience in managing timelines, directing large groups of people, troubleshooting weather/lighting/permit issues, understanding posing, understanding lighting, or how about just being qualified to document the most important day of your life?

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Professionals are worth the investment...

You have already invested in everything from the venue and caterer to the bakery and florist without hesitation but now you question whether or not to hire a professional photographer or let your moms best friends sister in laws cousin, who just got a Canon Rebel last week for their birthday capture one of the most important days of your life? A professional photographer is worth the investment as there is no other way for you to relive your wedding day in detail.

They are also (probably) worth the price they charge

Professionals do not overcharge you. If their price seems like its too much, it is because they are worth paying extra for. The pricing was probably meticulously calculated based on factors such as the expenses incurred, insurance, experience travel time and others.It is understandable why comparing a professional photographer's prices to someone just starting up might sway you to go with the cheaper option. But its true, you get what you pay for. Most of you (or some of you) will only do this once and the pictures that the photographer captures are pretty much the only thing you will have to remember the day by. So, when looking to book a photographer for your big day, just keep in mind that any self respecting photographer that produces quality work will not start at $500 for 8 hours. Even the wedding photographers that are priced to meet the needs of the budget conscious couple will still start at $1700 - $2000.

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Professional wedding photographers add to your day in ways you never thought of

They come dressed accordingly, have all their gear and will bring their experience in knowing how to be effective, essential and efficient on a day where everything needs to go right. They will be assertive when they have to and also go incognito when they need to be. They are going to be with you the entire day, so having likable personalities is a must.

A professional understands the mental and physical toll that photographing a wedding day entails

They come prepared and ready to tackle the day. On their feet for 8+ hours, carrying bag(s) of equipment, dealing with drunk or near drunk party guests. It might look like they just hold a camera and snap some pics but its far from the truth.

Professional wedding photographers will provide more than pictures

You have a wedding planner? What could the photographer possibly do that the planner isnt already taking care of? Did you know that photographers often help you design your timeline based on the kind of wedding day experience you want to have? For every single wedding I have photographed, I have had conversations with the couples and work with them to determine the flow of the day. More often than not I also end up assuming the role of managing the timeline on the wedding day simply because I need to make sure I get the shots I want at the right time of the day.

Your wedding photographer will carry a lot of backup gear

If the photographer happens to drop their camera or if it by chance malfunctions during the wedding, they have another one. Professional photographers will carry extra batteries for their flashes, extra lenses, and a bunch of other technical extras that are all expensive and designed to make your day perfect. Do you know who wont have all this backup gear and accessories? The friend or relative you decided to hire in hopes of getting great pictures for next to nothing.

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The photographs you get back from a professional will leave you breathless. Photos from friend or relative......not so much.

I could go on and explain how and why you will feel more emotions from a professional wedding photographer as compared to a non professional, but the last point speaks for itself. Professional photographers will come with with a bag full of feedback and reviews from couples and families that have been photographed and received their gallery back already. Below are just a few examples but you can view the rest of my reviews here. Reviews can often times be the most important aspect to consider before hiring anybody, it speaks volumes to the person or company.