Newborn Sessions

Newborn photography sessions include a customized 2 hour session including a gallery of high resolution photos available for download and a print release. Galleries typically will include 20-30 unique photos. Baby, family, and siblings images are included in the session.My downtown Howell studio comes stocked with everything you would need for your newborn session. You are more than welcome to bring any sentimental items you would like to include and if you have any questions about styling please let me know.

Investment: $400

Studio Sessions

In studio newborn photography can take place up to 2 weeks after birth. Posed newborn sessions are styled and I provide all the props that we will need for your baby. These sessions also include family and sibling photos. If will help you style your session but if you have a specific theme or color combo you would like please let me know. 

Lifestyle Sessions

Lifestyle newborn sessions are the perfect way to capture your new baby in your home in a relaxed way. This is a great way to get images in your new nursery, with pets, etc. During these sessions, I will capture your family in a way that you can look back on and remember how you really were. Siblings do great in this situation as well, allowing me to capture authentic moments. No posing (either of the baby or family) is done in-home, just gentle and relaxed direction, which allows for natural connection and interaction to occur. All family members are included.



Reviews & Feedback

Newborn Photography Questions

I always recommendation to schedule your newborn session while you're still pregnant to ensure you don't miss your 2 week window. If baby is already here, it's not too late, but again, making sure parents understand they may not get some poses is key.
Newborn babies are ideal to photograph between 5 & 10 days old, when they are still very flexible and spend most of their time sleeping. If for some reason your baby is unable to be photographed during this time frame, don’t worry, with the exception of possibly a few poses, I will still be able to capture many beautiful and special images of your baby.
A typical session is approximately 3 hours long. It is a rest and relax time for the parents, handing off only as needed to mom and dad for feeding and changing. Feel free to bring a book, catch up on emails, texts or Facebook, take a nap or simply sit back and enjoy watching the session!
Yes, I absolutely love to capture the sweet bond between parents and their newborn baby. This is something we discuss during the consultation or throughout our communications. The images with parents are typically done at the end of the session, unless there are siblings, in which case they would be captured at the beginning. Every session is different in its own right so we just kind of play it by ear sometimes.
The studio is fully stocked with plenty of different background options & props such as buckets, crates, bowls, etc. & baby accessories like headbands, diaper covers & rompers, and a large selection of hats and bonnets. Each and every item in the studio has been selected because it matches my style and aesthetic. The goal is to make sure your newborn baby is the star of the image, and all of the props and accessories compliment the setup and highlight your baby.
For newborn sessions, I keep the studio somewhere in the high 70's in terms of temperature. Newborn babies have just left the comfort of their mom's 98 degree body. They can't quite regulate their own temperatures yet and can get cold easily. If we're not hot, they're probably not comfortable. Keeping a warm working space is crucial to keeping baby cozy.